Angelo Henriquez, who passed his Manchester United medical yesterday, has revealed he will talk to Sir Alex Ferguson today about his future at the club.

It is likely that the 18-year-old striker will remain with Universidad de Chile on loan from United.

“I am fulfilling a dream that I have had for a long time and I will be able to realise it soon,” he told La Tercera. “I will meet with Alex Ferguson on Wednesday and talk about what he wants from me. I cannot waste this opportunity because it is something I’ve wanted all my life.”

His brother, Cesar Henriquez, also talked about the history of our relationship with the player.

“The agents would come and watch Angelo at all his matches,” he said. “They would talk for a long time with him and in some ways would counsel him. They started [evaluating] with 10 players in South America and now only Angelo is left. He has made great sacrifices, but it is his dream to play for Manchester United.”