Following two defeats in our opening three games, Ander Herrera has reflected on Manchester United’s start to the season and our performance against Tottenham Hotspur. United created 24 chances to Spurs’ nine, yet we still lost 3-0.

Herrera believes, despite everyone outside of the club wanting us to lose, that if we continue to play as we did on Monday we will start winning games.

When you play such a good 60/70 minutes and you created a lot of chances, playing in the opponent’s half and not letting them build their attacks… they’re a very good opponent I must say and personally I really like the way they play… and we didn’t let them even have a corner or a free-kick in the first half. We know the basics and the way we have to play if we want to get results and that’s the way. If we play that game 10 times then nine times out of 10 we will win it. But we didn’t score and then from the first corner and first chance they scored two goals.

We all know and we all are experienced enough to know that apart from Manchester United fans, the club and the players everyone wants us to lose which is good! That means they want to be in our situation and would all like to play for and support a team as big as Manchester United. So from there we have to be even stronger; that has to make us even stronger. No-one is going to help us apart from the fans, the club and the team so we all have to be very, very together and focused on the next game.

And even just focused on the first five minutes of the next game because if we start the way we did against Tottenham we are going to have a lot of chances to win the game. That’s all I can say. I also say thank you to our fans and they thanked us at the end of the Spurs game in terms of the way we played and approached the game with that commitment and this is the way we have to play every game. If we play that way and with that attitude then 90/95% of the games we will win.