The odds are against Manchester United progressing to the next round of the Europa League, after losing 2-0 to Liverpool at Anfield. Ahead of the second leg tonight, United know that if Liverpool score just one goal at Old Trafford, we will need to score four to knock them out.

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However, Ander Herrera doesn’t believe it’s all over yet.

We have beaten Liverpool four out of five times since I am here at Manchester United. Of the two times we played against them at home we won clearly, I think, and we were the better team. I think we have very good examples of how we have to play.

We feel much stronger when we play at home where we have more fans, who are the best in England, in my opinion. Away from home they are fantastic and at home they always support us when we play good or when we play bad, so they are going to be very important.

We cannot go crazy, we have to score the first goal and not concede in the first 45 – then another set of 45. It is really important that we do not concede because we will create chances, something that we weren’t doing a number of weeks ago, but now we have a lot of crosses and a lot of players in the box. We want to make it a very difficult night for them. We are Man United and if they want to go to the next round, they will have to fight a lot!

The performance at Anfield was shocking, probably the worst of the season, with the players showing no fight in them. Paul Scholes was extremely critical of their mentality after the game.

Herrera has dismissed the claim that United players didn’t want it enough though.

I don’t agree with you because we always fight and always want to win. Every game is different. We have one opponent in front of us who are in very good form, but you can never say that we don’t to win or to fight, so I think people have to respect us in that issue. We want to fight always and we want to win. We are very proud because we are Manchester United players, but of course we should have played much better last week.

We have another chance now and, in my opinion, when you have a bad game, you don’t have to think much about what happened; you have to look to the next challenge and that challenge is tomorrow against the biggest rivals for our fans and for our history. This is the only thing in my mind now and we have a big chance tomorrow. As I say, score a goal and don’t concede and then in another game we come again.