There are lots of reasons why Manchester United fans love Ander Herrera, but one of them is how passionately he celebrates important goals.

For example, when Bastian Schweinsteiger’s deflected effort won the game for us in the last minute against Watford, or Wayne Rooney scored a late winner at Anfield, Herrera was seen going mental on the bench.

Sometimes, when I see myself again, I feel a little bit embarrassed because I cannot control my emotions. Like when we won in the last minute against Watford and also just before 80 minutes when we scored against Liverpool, which is a big game for us and our fans.

I always try to look forward and look to the future and I think this goal can give us a lot of confidence, that’s why I reacted like that! [Laughs]. I cannot stop that or change that, it’s the way I feel football and feel about Manchester United.

I was celebrating the header of Fellaini and you are a little disappointed because the ball hit the bar but then Wazza was there to score a fantastic goal in front of our fans. That goal was where our fans were so I think there is nothing better than that moment, that feeling.