Ander Herrera has spoken to the official site about his best goal in training, his ideal 5-a-side team and his most competitive teammate.

Who has scored the best goal you’ve ever seen in training?
I’d say Wayne or Juan because they spend a lot of time practicing free-kicks – they score some fantastic goals.

Talk us through the best goal you have ever scored in training…
In pre-season against Ben Amos – you can ask him! [Laughs]

Who’s most competitive in training?
Wazza. Wayne Rooney, always.

How seriously do you take any matches or challenges?
All the mini matches are important because the coaches are always looking at us before each game. We have a very competitive squad – we always want to win in matches or training. I think this is the right tactic because you play like you train.

Which part of training do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the sessions the day before a game because we work on ball possession, shooting and set-plays – it’s a good day.

Which four players would you have in your five-a-side team?
Anders, because I want to score against David! I’d pick Rooney because he’s always very competitive and I always want to be alongside him. Smalling – he’s aggressive and we need a defender! And Juan Mata because we know each other very well.