Ander Herrera has spoken about his teammates in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais.

He gives his assessment of the likes of Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick, Ashley Young and the Spanish speaking players.

“Rooney is outgoing and insults us in Spanish,” Herrera revealed. “I prefer to talk about football because I know he really likes boxing and could want to spar with me. And Carrick is very serious, but this suits another good another phrase Bielsa: ‘Leaders need not talk much, but are listen when they talk.’ Perhaps Ashley Young [is the biggest joker]. But I think the Spanish speakers have a better sense of humour. Maybe it’s because we always go together. We always joke about cliches from our countries, with Di Maria, Valencia and Falcao too.”

Herrera claims there is a hierarchy in the dressing room but that it has died out a bit since the departures of the likes of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand.

“I think there is a lot of respect for players like Rooney and Carrick who have spent many years here because you see that it is very difficult to do that. But I think, as De Gea told me, before there were more hierarchical figures like Ferdinand, Scholes and Giggs.”