Darron Gibson has let his international boss, Giovanni Trapattoni, know that he has no intention of leaving Manchester United.

Gibson was on the bench throughout Ireland’s 1-0 win over Armenia and his manager implied this would the way it would stay until he started getting regular first team football, to give him more “hunger”.

“If Trapattoni wants me to move on from a club like Manchester United to better my game, move to somewhere like Stoke where I’ll get more games, but have little chance of winning anything, then I just don’t know,” Gibson said. “Where else would I go from Manchester United? At what club, other than Manchester United, could I go to improve my game? To be honest, if he’s trying to say that I should move somewhere like Stoke City and change my game to winning tackles and not winning games, then he’s having a laugh. To move on from Manchester United just doesn’t make sense to me.”

I also imagine Gibson wouldn’t be scoring goals in the European Cup quarter finals against the likes of Bayern Munich if he left United for somewhere like Stoke either!