A month or so ago I wrote for Soccerlens about why Guus Hiddink was a good shout for the next Manchester United manager.

He is a classy guy, he is a proven success at both domestic and International football, he has cut it in the Premiership and Champions League, he values the importance of bringing through youth, and he’s even gone out and got pissed with George Best! What more could we want?

Hiddink has today said when his contract with Russia he might want to return to the Premier League, and not necessarily just to work with Chelsea.

“I can’t close other options,” said Hiddink. “Say that I want to come back to the Premier League in two years but Chelsea are doing well and say they don’t need me. Then I cannot say I must not go to another club. I think that’s fair enough. I care very much about Chelsea, about the players. You cannot say you wouldn’t. I said once in Spain I would stop and that was seven or eight years ago and I’m still here in this tracksuit. I don’t know. I cannot say. But the league is very attractive to work in. There’s a lot of attention worldwide, and it’s very attractive to see this league.”