It was surprising when Manchester United announced they had signed a 20-year-old Danish striker from Atalanta for £72m. He’d scored just 10 goals in all competitions the season before so it was difficult to see how he was going to be the striker to lead the line at Old Trafford. People certainly weren’t lining up to put a Round The Clock Bet on him for the Golden Boot!

But after scoring regularly in the Champions League, before a slow start in the Premier League, Hojlund found his way and has 16 goals and 2 assists in all competitions this year.

Speaking to Tipsbladet from his homeland, Hojlund reflected on what his first season in Manchester has been like.

You feel an incredible amount of pressure when you’re at Manchester United. It took some time for me to get going in the Premier League, but I think I’ve caught up quite well. I feel like I’ve found my rhythm.

It was a frustrating time leading up to my first goal in the Premier League because I felt there was a lot of focus on it. But, of course, I understand that it’s not impressive not to score a single goal in your first 14 Premier League matches, but I felt that bad luck was on my side in the league games. Fortunately, it got better.

When I scored against Aston Villa, I felt like the curse had lifted a bit. It was a good day because I scored my first goal, and we beat a really good team.

Personally, it’s been a fine year for me, and I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve played in the Premier League and the Champions League, and that’s something I’ve always dreamed of.

Hojlund noticed instantly how much attention was on him now that he was a United player and, while he recognises that comes with the job, he does miss getting to live life more anonymously.

I remember one of the first days when I was walking around the city with my girlfriend, and there were paparazzi photographers on the street. I thought, “wow, do people really care to see pictures of me just walking around?”

There are eyes on you all the time, on and off the pitch, because the club is so huge. It takes some time to get used to it. I’ve always wanted to get here, and it’s not that it isn’t great, but there is definitely also a downside.

You don’t have the same freedom in your vocabulary and generally in everyday life. You can’t always say what’s on your mind, because it can be taken out of context. I do miss that part – being able to be at peace and act like an idiot if that’s what you want.

I do miss being able to mind my own business without thinking about whether someone is listening and keeping up with where Rasmus Hojlund is now. But I’ve enjoyed it and am already looking forward to next season.