It was widely reported in the newspapers yesterday that Wayne Rooney had removed “Manchester United player” from his bio on Twitter and replaced it with “Nike athlete”. With news emerging that the player told Sir Alex Ferguson he wanted to leave two weeks ago, it appeared to be the final nail in his Manchester United coffin.

Rooney has done some stupid things in his time but making it so apparent his time at United was over, ahead of lifting the trophy on Sunday, took the biscuit.

This blog, amongst others, posted pictures of his new bio after papers claimed that he had removed “Manchester United player”. But had he? His Twitter bio history suggests otherwise…

This screenshot, taken by @AntonAlfy before the Real Madrid game, would support this.


Other Nike players have changed their bios too, including our own Tom Cleverley.

And former Manchester United player, Phil Neville, did the same.

Ot oh. A lot of fuss over nothing?

Thanks to @thedevilstweets for the heads up.