Six years ago to the day since Manchester United last failed to get out of their Champions League group, the club suffered a frustrating defeat at the hands of FC Basel to finish 3rd in the group tonight. A draw would have been enough to see United through but despite dominating the game, they couldn’t score more than one, after going 2-0 down.

United will now be forced to endure the humiliation of the Europa League on Thursday nights.

If you go to the United website, the current prices shown for tickets only show Champions League prices. With United fans left frustrated at the club’s inability to spend the money on a desperately needed world class central midfielder, despite being the most profitable club in the world, you have to wonder how much the Glazers will think they can charge to see us compete in a competition we should not be playing in.

Here’s hoping Sir Alex opts to play the lads who would have had a go in the Carling Cup, following yet another embarrassing exit from that competition at the hands of Crystal Palace last week. But will Europa tickets be made compulsory for season ticket holders to purchase as Champions League tickets have been? You would imagine so. And you would also imagine the anti-Glazer protests will be back in full force at the weekend…