After Arsenal’s 3-0 thrashing against City at Wastelands, the Gunners have gone unbeaten for 18 matches.

Unbeaten runs are something United have never been good at. Winning games is our speciality, avoiding defeat is not.

Whenever an Arsenal fan responds to our bragging over the Treble with their 49 game unbeaten run, I never quite get it. Whilst going over a season unbeaten is a brilliant achievement, it doesn’t outshine actually winning. Winning matches, winning trophies, that is what football is all about. The point of football is to score goals and to win, not to escape losing.

Arsene Wenger himself believes it is a negative thing to play with the intention of just drawing, wanting a points incentive scheme for teams who go out to score a lot of goals.

But when you look at Arsenal’s recent run, it’s not anywhere near as impressive as their fans would like it to be.

Last 18 Arsenal games

Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal (3rd)
Arsenal 1-0 Wigan (10th)
Middlesbro 1-1 Arsenal (19th)
Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool (2nd)
Aston Villa 2-2 Arsenal (5th)
Arsenal 1-0 Portsmouth (14th)
Arsenal 1-0 Bolton (12th)
Hull 1-3 Arsenal (15th)
Everton 1-1 Arsenal (6th)
Arsenal 0-0 West Ham (7th)
Tottenham 0-0 Arsenal (9th)
Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland (17th)
Arsenal 0-0 Fulham (8th)
West Brom 1-3 Arsenal (20th)
Arsenal 4-0 Blackburn (16th)
Newcastle 1-3 Arsenal (18th)
Arsenal 2-0 Man City (11th)
Wigan 1-4 Arsenal (10th)

W: 10 D: 8 L: 0
Points total: 38 from 54
Average position of opposition: 11th

Last 18 United games

Man City 0-1 Man Utd (11th)
Man Utd 1-0 Sunderland (17th)
Tottenham 0-0 Man Utd (9th)
Stoke 0-1 Man Utd (13th)
Man Utd 1-0 Middlesbro (19th)
Man Utd 3-0 Chelsea (3rd)
Man Utd 1-0 Wigan (10th)
Bolton 0-1 Man Utd (12th)
West Brom 0-5 Man Utd (20th)
Man Utd 1-0 Everton (6th)
West Ham 0-1 Man Utd (7th)
Man Utd 3-0 Fulham (8th)
Man Utd 2-1 Blackburn (16th)
Newcastle 1-2 Man Utd (18th)
Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool (2nd)
Fulham 2-0 Man Utd (8th)
Man Utd 3-2 Aston Villa (5th)
Sunderland 1-2 Man Utd (17th)

W: 15 D: 1 L: 2
Points total: 46 from 54
Average position of opposition: 11th