Whilst we’ve been busy celebrating our 18th title, how has everyone else been getting on?

Jamie Carragher proved himself as passionate and dedicated as ever when trying to knock Arbeloa’s head off against West Brom. I wonder if ‘passionate’ and ‘the heartbeat’ would be the description of Wayne Rooney if he attacked a team mate on the park over a bloody clean sheets record! Given the attention he got for, wait for it, punching the corner flag at Fulham, I can only imagine what the media would have said about Rooney if someone had to forcefully drag him away to stop him lamping his pal in front of the eyes of the country.

Chelsea fans should have looked on in fear to see rat boy parading around the pitch with John Terry after their final home game of the season. Will Newcastle’s cockney mafia relocate to rentboy country? We shall see. For now, just two twats together, how sweet.

The only thing Arsenal fans had to cheer about this weekend was the treatment their players gave Patrice Evra, who had previously accurately described the difference between the teams in the CL semi as ‘men against boys’. Nasri was the only player to be booked for his foul on Evra, although Cesc Fabregas’ challenge, which saw our Frenchman taken off the field for treatment, was probably the worst of the lot. Immediately after returning on the field, RvP had a pop too. This will of course be forgotten then next time they whinge about big meanie Phil Neville bullying ickle Reyes.

After beating Middlesbrough and restoring faith in the city, Alan Shearer’s Newcastle went on to lose at home to Fulham and will be relying on United’s Reserves to beat Hull. Yeh, I’d be scratching my head too. Signed for a big club, you should have signed for a big club…