Former Manchester United striker, Mark Hughes, or “Munich bastard” to his fans, has come across all cocky in the press. Dear dear, it seems all the money, fame and back-page stories have gone to his head.

Apparently Hughes doesn’t have to speak in the press to raise his profile, like Sir Alex Ferguson and Rafael Benitez, because he’s used to be centre of attention thanks to his playing career.

Sadly for him, whilst the likes of Ferguson and Benitez have scooped plenty of honours in their time as manager, ol Sparky has failed to win anything…

“I have never had to court publicity myself because I played for top clubs,” said Hughes, referring to his years as a player at clubs like United and Barcelona. “I was reticent to say too much at all when I was playing. The truth is I never had to, because my performances generated headlines anyway. I was good at what I did and that was enough. That has been my way for 45 years so I don’t think I will suddenly become one for mind games. But other managers feel that their profile has been raised and they have to do that. Maybe it is because they have not played at a certain level. I’m aware managers are saying things about us at the moment but I see that as trying to ease pressure on themselves – that is predictable.”

Who does he think he is? Cristiano bloody Ronaldo? Talk about an over inflated ego. Can you imagine Giggsy talking like this in ten years time? Christ. Sparky was a cracking player and is on plenty of reds’ favourite all time players lists, but what the fuck is this cocky over-confidence about? He really has become a bluenose. All talk, no substance. Whilst they brag about signing money-hungry cunts, who are all going against their word for City’s riches, Hughes is bragging about his playing career, when sadly, his managerial career leaves little to be desired.

As a player
Mark Hughes – 22 years – Striker
League titles: 2 (United)
FA Cups: 4 (3 United, 1 Chelsea)
League Cups: 3 (1 United, 1 Chelsea, 1 Blackburn)
UEFA Cup Winners Cup: 2 (1 United, 1 Chelsea)
UEFA Super Cup: 1 (United)
Total trophies: 12 (8 United)
163 goals in 606 games

Sir Alex Ferguson – 17 years – Striker
League titles: 2 (1 St Johnstone, 1 Falkirk)
Total trophies: 2
170 goals in 317 games

As a manager
Mark Hughes – 10 years
Total trophies: 0

Sir Alex Ferguson – 35 years
League titles: 14 (11 United, 3 Aberdeen)
FA Cups: 5
European Cups: 2
League Cups: 3
UEFA Cup Winners Cup: 2 (1 United, 1 Aberdeen)
UEFA Super Cup: 2 (1 United, 1 Aberdeen)
Intercontinental Cup: 1
FIFA World Club Cup: 1
Scottish Cup: 4
Scottish League Cup: 1
Total trophies: 35
Total trophies after ten years: 7
Total trophies after ten years in England: 9