Hugo Borst, the journalist who has written the recent biography on Louis van Gaal, has given his thoughts on Robin van Persie’s future.

Excelsior are Van Persie’s team in the Holland. He’s said he’d like to play there again before he retires.

Yes. There is a stand there [with his name on it] at Excelsior stadium. I think he will. When he’s 36 or 37, I think he will.

Will he go straight there from United or will there be a club in between?

Interesting. I think there is probably a club in-between, in France or Italy. That’s a feeling, but later.

There’s a lot of talk in England that he may be in terminal decline. That wasn’t the player that he was. What do you think about that?

I think it’s ridiculous. In Holland, there was also a lot of discussion that he failed during the World Cup. Do you know how much he scored? Four. Four goals. You cannot say you’ve had a bad World Cup, c’mon. His play isn’t spectacular, but he is efficient.

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