Mats Hummels has been strongly linked with a move to Manchester United over the past few weeks, so was asked in an interview with Kicker last week whether he was considering a move abroad.

As matters stand, I think about what is good for me and what I want to do. Everyone knows that I very much like it here in Dortmund, but I also want us to have a powerful squad and a powerful approach. I have held many talks in recent weeks, which are relevant for me and which will form my general view. But I have not made a decision regarding my future, and even if I had it does not necessarily mean that it can be turned into reality. It’s not like I’m now saying that I’ll leave no matter what. Whenever I make a decision, no matter which direction, I will openly talk about it. Often I think that I definitely want to do it [move abroad], but then I have days when I think that I don’t need it. But fundamentally I believe that playing abroad is good for the footballing as well as the personal development. You can also see that when you’re with the national team, and so it’ll boil down to a switch abroad at some point. If I want to make the step, I would probably have to do it within the next two or three years.

At the weekend, Borussia Dortmund lost 1-0 to Bayern Munich, which puts them 10th in the league, 34 points behind the side that beat them who are at the top of the table.

After the game, he was asked to elaborate on the point he made last week about being a part of a “powerful squad” and how that could force him away from Germany.

That doesn’t mean that I am leaving, it just means I’m reflecting. There’s no particular tendency one way or the other. It’s just thoughts going through my mind. It will all become clearer in the coming weeks.