Ryan Giggs has revealed the motivation behind scoring that goal against Arsenal when he single-handedly took on one of the best defences in Europe.

“The only reason I went on that run in the 1999 FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal was because I was having such a dreadful game,” said Giggs. “I’d come on as sub, given the ball away every time I got it, so in situations like that I always try and do what I do best which is dribble with the ball and see where it takes me. Fortunately it took me all the way to the goal.”

After beating Arsenal, we went on to win the FA Cup, the Premiership title and the European Cup. Giggs has two Champions League winners medals but it is the first one in 1999 that he remembers most fondly.

“The best feeling I’ve ever had on a football pitch would have to be when we beat Bayern Munich in the 1999 Champions League final,” he said. “We were two minutes away from it being the worst night of our lives, and then in that time it became the best moment. That season we had never given up on a game, but it did feel like the run had come to an end. We hadn’t played well, hadn’t created much and I did believe the game was over.”