“I think it was a case of a referee crumbling under the pressure at Old Trafford really,” said Jermaine Jenas. “The atmosphere, the occasion, the importance of the match, a lot of factors take their toll when making decisions.”

Sorry, Howard Webb crumbled under the pressure? Really? Tottenham Hotspur are 2-0 up at half time and cruising. Whatever demotivation talk Harry Redknapp gave played right in to United’s hands. It was as if they were fully anticipating a United comeback and they shat themselves.

The moment Cristiano Ronaldo scored that penalty, running back to the centre circle with purpose and determination, it was as if Spurs gave up entirely. Their defence was all over the place as our attacking players ripped them apart. Carlos Tevez hassled them for every ball, Rooney and Berbatov played through brilliant ball after brilliant ball. The message was clear, we’re coming to get you, and Spurs totally bottled it.

“Crumbling” is the perfect way to describe the behaviour of a team who conceded five goals in twenty two minutes. For Jenas to describe the referee in this way is absolute quality!