Ian Brown, a South Manchester lad like myself, who is a firm club over country man, has revealed he would disown his kids if they grew up in to blues… if he couldn’t beat it out of them first!

Ahead of the derby day, Brown has passed his opinion on City’s wealth, claiming if anyone can fuck up having this amount of money, the bitters can.

“They’ll fuck something up” said Brown. “If anyone can find a way to fuck all of this up, it’s City. They’ve been doing it for years. I’ve got a lot of mates who are City fans, and I think it’s great actually. They’re used to the misery but they’re excited now – Let them have that excitement. I know what that’s like.”

As great as he finds it, he still wouldn’t have his own become blues.

“If I couldn’t beat it out of them, I’d have to disown them” joked Brown. “I’d miss them, but they would have to go. They’re sensible kids though, so they wouldn’t do something like that.”