Zlatan Ibrahimovic trained with the Manchester United squad on Thursday for the first time since signing from PSG. The Swede was impressed with the atmosphere around the training ground.

Positive vibes. They seem to be good guys, quality players, they train very hard and, during the training, are very focused. The coach – he is direct, he is concrete, he says what he wants and the players are adapting. So there are only positive things.

This evening, Ibrahimovic will play for United for the first time in Sweden as we take on Galatasaray in a pre-season friendly. Our new striker hopes to give the supporters what they are looking for.

Everybody has been waiting for that moment. There has been a lot of talk and to make my debut in my country will feel great. I think the fans are waiting for me to come back and they are waiting to enjoy not only me, but the team as well. Hopefully, we can give them a good game and, at the same time, we are in the preparation. We need to keep focused, to build up the physical part and the conditioning part but we will give them what they want.

There have been some concerns over Ibrahimovic turning 35 in October but Jose Mourinho has repeatedly dismissed those worries. Ibrahimovic has joined his manager in doing the same.

I believe in working hard. Not only in games but even in training. The way you train is the way you play in the games – that’s my philosophy. Working hard, training hard and feeling good. Then you need to get the rhythm by playing games.