Cesc Fabregas has confessed today that the former Real Madrid president, Ramon Calderon, contacted him by phone to enquire about his future.

After the obsession Real Madrid, in particular Calderon, had with Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s hard to believe that he wasn’t tapped up too!

“It’s true the president of Real Madrid called me personally – we spoke on the phone,” said Fabregas. “But I never gave him my word that I was going to sign for Real Madrid. He asked about my progress and that was it.”

Whilst Fabregas proved his loyalty to Arsenal by not taking things any further, he can’t paint himself as an angel in this situation. There is no reason why Calderon should have had Fabregas’ number and for him to receive a phone call at all suggests there was at least some curiosity on the Spaniard’s part over what Real Madrid had to offer.

However, it makes me think that if Calderon has even contacted Fabregas, who certainly will enjoy a return to sender move back to Real Madrid’s bitter rivals Barcelona sooner or later, then surely he will have had phone conversations with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo made it clear in the summer, before his U-turn, that he wanted to go to Real Madrid. For him to state this whilst under contract with another club shows that he must be fairly confident that a deal would have gone through. Whilst one could argue Ronaldo needed no personal assurances of Real’s interest, given the daily praise he received from Spain in the summer, it certainly makes you think if Calderon had the nerve to give Fabregas a bell, he would have definitely had a word or two with Ronnie!

Modern football, eh.