With a big win against Tottenham last night, United may be on their way to turning their season around. As the table stands, United are 6th with a total of 21 points, just below Wolves with a total of 23 points. According to current odds from the bookies, the likelihood of beating City next week stand at 19/2, with odds of 774/25 for United to win their next three fixtures. Everything is to play for in 2020, with some of the most important fixtures being at the very start of the year!

The year will kick off with a match between Arsenal and United away at the Emirates on the 1st January. If United manage to win this match, they may be able to set themselves up for success for the remainder of the season. This particular game, although not the biggest fixture, may determine the mentality that United have for 2020, making it an extremely important fixture to start the year.

Only a few days after the Arsenal game, we will see United play Wolves in the 3rd round of the FA cup. Whilst this fixture will not directly impact the league, United could leave a message to Wolves by beating them in this game. Being only 2 points below Wolves, United could show their desire to work their way up the table and leave Wolves long behind them.

On the 19th of January, United will face up against the mighty force of Liverpool. In the last game against Liverpool, United managed to draw- the only game Liverpool have not won this whole season. Will United be able to beat them this time? If United build up momentum from wins prior to this match, they may be able to defeat this seemingly unbeatable team in the league.

For the first fixture of February, United will take on Wolves once again, but this time in the Premier League. Whilst this match is not against one of the ‘top’ teams in the league, Wolves have proven themselves to be a top 5 contender so far this season. Winning this game is an absolute must for United and will prove that they are ready to move up to the top three.

Only a week after their clash against Wolves, the team will have the opportunity to beat the current forth team, Chelsea. In their previous encounter, United manged to beat Chelsea 2-1 in the Football League Cup. Will United be able to take them on again? If they are able to get a win from this game, they will surely be able to secure themselves in the top three for the season.

In the later stages of the season, United will have to take on City on the 7th March, followed by Tottenham on the 14th. These two fixtures may determine where United place in the league, being against one of the top teams in a league as well as a team now run by their former manager Jose Mourinho.
With current odds of United winning the league being 80/1, it is possible to say that the bookies are not too sure on United’s success. Where do you think they will finish in the league? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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