Ryan GiggsRyan Giggs has been on the receiving end of some criticism from reds this season, after below par performances. Sir Alex Ferguson has sold him short in this respect, playing him in more games than his old legs can handle. Giggs has shown flashes of brilliance this season, but the occasions have been few and far between.

Whilst we’re all keen for Giggs to beat Sir Bobby Charlton’s appearance record, it shouldn’t be at the cost of Giggs’ form. Nobody wants to remember him as that player who used to be good but who now is shit.

Nani has had some brilliant games this season and whilst his shooting is rather hit and miss (just look at his incredible finish against Liverpool at the weekend, only to have a wild shot got out for a throw in a few minutes later), he appears to be far more consistent than our legend and hero, Giggs. Was he given more games, then I am sure Giggs’ form would improve.

Giggs made his debut for United’s first team in March 1991, some 17 years ago. Aged 34 now, it’s incredible to think that Giggs has spent half his life playing for United. For any player to have spent such a large amount of time playing top flight football is an achievement, but to do so at one club, arguably the biggest club in the World, is incredible.

So in the month marking the anniversary of his debut, all those years ago, I’d like to offer up my praise to Ryan Giggs, United legend.

Click below to see a video of Giggsy at his best.