He’s awarded 2 penalties in 08/09. None of them are to any top four club.

He awarded 7 penalties in 07/08. None of them were to any top four club.

He awarded 6 penalties in 06/07. Two of them were to Arsenal, one of them was for United.

He awarded 8 penalties in 05/06. Two of them were to Arsenal, one each for Liverpool and Chelsea, none for United.

He awarded 4 penalties in 04/05. One of them was for Chelsea, one of them for United.

So in 5 years, Riley has awarded 27 penalties. Arsenal have had four of them, United and Chelsea have had two, and Liverpool have had one.

The Guardian looked at Mike Riley’s record after that controversial penalty he gave in United’s favour against Arsenal. Whilst that penalty was dubious, the one Riley should have awarded moments later was not. As reported by the BBC: United could have had another penalty when Cole brought down Ronaldo.

So those decisions cancel each other out meaning, according to The Guardian, the only controversial penalty decision Riley has awarded in our favour since 1997 was in our 7-1 thrashing of West Ham!

A look at the penalties Riley has given United suggest only two were truly dubious: the one against Arsenal, and another in a 7-1 thrashing of West Ham in April 2000 when Nicky Butt appeared to trip over his own feet as he went round the goalkeeper Craig Forrest.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Moyes!