Frazier Campbell is one of the youngsters a lot of reds have high hopes for. We desperately want to see United standard players come up through the academy and Campbell is someone United fans could argue might have what it takes.

He’s incredibly pacey and has a good eye for goal. He scored the winner in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s testimonial against Espanyol and was it not for Shay Given’s accidental save with his face, Campbell would have scored his first Premiership goal on the opening day against Newcastle.

Despite constant interest from Hull City, where he spent last season on local and played a crucial part in their promotion, Campbell wants to stay at United.

“Now I’m back at United, the plan is to try to force my way into the first team,” he said at the beginning of the month. “I’m going to continue to work hard and try to do enough to stay here and go on from there.”

However, with a bid from Hull coming in to sign Campbell, should we accept?

“We’ve put a £7m bid on the table to Manchester United,” said Paul Duffen, Hull’s chairman. “The complexities of their situation are that it depends on them getting one in, that one might well be Bulgarian. As I said all the way through the summer we need to be respectful of that and there’s nothing I can do to force the situation. If they do bring someone in I want to be at the front of the queue and I will do whatever it takes to bring him to the football club. They’ll be a lot of people alluding to the fact we’ve got carried away with ourselves. But I can absolutely guarantee that I’m here for the long term building the football club.”

There are several things for Manchester United to consider.

1. Can we afford to let him leave? With Louis Saha’s move to Everton still pending and no more news on Dimitar Berbatov, or any other potential striker signing for that matter, we would be leaving our squad very shallow. An injury to Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez or Cristiano Ronaldo could leave us in big trouble with no Campbell.

2. Is he actually good enough for United? There’s no point clinging on to a player with the hope that one day he’ll make it, if deep down, there isn’t much chance of that happening.

3. £7 million is a lot of money and could be double what we’d make from him if we were to sell him in a year or too. Hull are very eager to stay up and after the 15 goals he scored for them last season, they see him as a vital part to their success. In a couple of years time, there probably wouldn’t be that same interest if United deemed him not good enough.