Blogs, forums, Twitter, texts, Facebook and telephones are currently being flooded with discussions amongst football fans about the Wayne Rooney allegations. Can it really be true?

– Wayne Rooney is a Manchester United player and wouldn’t dare do something like this. Yes, he’s got previous, but that was before he joined United, and he would surely be too fearful of Sir Alex Ferguson to behave like this.

– What proof do we have? The say so of some hooker who’s made a fortune for selling her story? Where are the pictures? The transcript of the texts or conversations between them?

– The Mirror and the NOTW are both running the story as exclusive but the accounts by the same girl are totally different in the two different papers. If it’s true, why couldn’t she get her story straight?

– The NOTW version has the prostitute recall an occasion last summer when she was stood in the smoking section outside a party when Cristiano Ronaldo walked past and Rooney called him a “wanker”. Surely Ronaldo was already in Spain?

– He’s a happily married man.

The Mirror and NOTW would likely be forced to go out of business if this story wasn’t true and Rooney sued them. He is the most high profile English player, one of the most high profile players in the world, with a wife, kid and all sorts of sponsorship deals. The damage a story like this could do to his personal and professional life is massive, so if it wasn’t true, Rooney could take them for every penny. They won’t have published a story like this unless it was water tight.

– The story has been in he public domain for 14+ hours and there has been no denial from Rooney. Just like John Terry, Peter Crouch and Ashley Cole, he has kept quiet and not denied a thing after allegations about his personal life have been published.

– There have been whispers of this rumour since before the World Cup. There’s no smoke without fire.

– Once a cheater, always a cheater, the saying goes. The press have caught Rooney out doing this behind Coleen’s back on a couple of occasions in the past, so it’s hard to claim he’d never do something like this.

– Ronaldo wasn’t unveiled at Real Madrid until July 6th and he was partying in America at the beginning of June. However, the day before he was unveiled, Ronaldo spoke of how he would be returning to Manchester to say goodbye to Ferguson. “Monday will be a great day for me,” he said, “but I am planning to go to Manchester and say goodbye to Ferguson.”

– Footballers are a law unto themselves these days. It should come as no surprise that any rich footballer would do this to their wife, with stories coming out every couple of months about them doing the dirty on their wives.