Jose Mourinho does not tend to stay at clubs for longer than a couple of seasons and the Manchester United chiefs believe he is looking for a way out. It is rumoured that the manager is tempted by taking over at PSG next summer and it would not be a surprise to see him make the move. The French team has splashed the cash which guarantees them finishing top of their league. In the Premier League however, it is almost impossible to buy the titles due to the amount of competition.

Pundits believe that Mourinho does not believe that his United team can compete with arch-rivals Manchester City. All the Premier League Odds sites have City as favourites and they are playing the best football in the EPL so far. Mourinho has been given £300 million since he joined the club but he does not feel it is enough to overtake their neighbours. Rather than suffer from the humiliation of constantly finishing behind his nemesis Pep Guardiola he would rather move leagues to a club where he is guaranteed the title.

Man City have flown this season mainly thanks to the unbelievable form of Kevin De Bruyne who Mourinho did not think was good enough to make the grade at Chelsea while he was the boss. He could not have been further from the truth as the Belgian is a shoe in for player of the season and we are not even halfway through the campaign yet. United are missing that creative flare in the middle of the park and it is yet to be filled since the retirement of Scholes and Giggs. If they had De Brune in their team, they could be sitting at the top.

Mourinho has also been heavily criticized this season for the negative set up of his team, especially against the others competing for the title. The harsh assessment of his managerial skills has deeply wounded his ego and is another reason why he is encouraging interest from PSG.

Mourinho is now halfway through his original three-year contract worth £45million. It is believed that if United are going to keep hold of their manager they will need to increase that substantially along with guarantee a huge transfer budget. The Red Devils will not want to lose their manager as they have suffered from a turbulent time since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Stability is needed and they will be hoping that they can persuade him to extend his current deal. The prospect of competing with Guardiola though is not a battle he feels capable of winning which will have a big impact on if he stays or goes.

Mourinho always has a great first season wherever he goes but generally, things go downhill after that. Maybe he is best just seeing out his current deal before his magic wears out. A lot will also depend on how well his team does this campaign. They have started off well and a lot will depend on how his team copes with the busy Christmas and New Year schedule. With 10 matches packed in such a short space of time once complete, we will not if his team are genuine contenders or if the rebuilding job still requires finishing touches.