I just happened to go own to Old Trafford yesterday afternoon to pick up some United tat for the youngsters in my family. Did you know you can actually spend £19.99 on a kit to ‘grow your own Old Trafford turf’? The mind boggles. I got some pink United tat for the girls, some red United tat for the boys and saved all of a quid or two with my season ticket discount.

In the car park they were building something which kind of looked like a cheap clock but the faces were covered up. There was a bit of a stage in front of it so I wasn’t entirely sure what they were up to but it looked pretty low budget.

The pictures from the ‘event’ were released today (making me think I timed my drop in at the ground a day early given the whole team were in the carpark I was in a day later!) and show the permanent fixture in the carpark opposite the megastore.

“It’s incredible,” said Ferguson. “And it’s also going to act as an information centre for fans so they can find out what’s going on in Manchester. I think this is very unique – there’s nothing else quite like it.”

Incredible? Not really, Fergie.