Over the past week or so, the papers have been linking Manchester United with a move for the highly rated Barcelona midfielder, Sergio Busquets.

Aside from landing a top player for United, the press also reckoned this was seal Arsenal’s fate, with Cesc Fabregas going to Spain to fill the gap in the team left by Busquets.

By and large, these rumours were laughed off. Why would the Barcelona born youngster, who has been at the club since he was 17, choose to come to England?

However, his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, hasn’t ruled out a future move away from the club. Busquets’ current contract expires in 2013, so there’s always the possibility Orobitg is trying to get an even better contract extension for his client.

“Sergio is a Barca fan and now his head is at the club, but it is normal to consider other options,” Orobitg said. “I have received calls from some big clubs asking me about his situation, but his future is in the hands of Barcelona.”