liverpool football club mickey mouse trebleRepetition is a serious problem for our scouse neighbours. The season before last they won nothing, which was repeated in 07-08 when they again won nothing.

It’s not only their trophyless seasons Liverpool choose to repeat, but their pre-season sayings. “This is our year,” Gerrard will tell Sky Sports news. He’ll put his faith in Benitez again, who hasn’t come close to winning the title since the apparent ‘Rafalution’ began. He’ll talk of how the club is a signing or two away from having a great side. He’ll remind us how he thinks it’s unacceptable that Liverpool haven’t won the league in so long (18 years and counting…). And when Liverpool drop out of the title race in November, he’ll be left re-writing and perfecting the drivel he’ll come out with at the end of the season.

It’s not just Gerrard who is guilty of this, but all Liverpool fans in general. Oh how excited they were when they signed Fernando Torres last summer, remember? Yet even with the 2nd highest scorer in the league, Liverpool only finished 4th, some 11 points behind United, and lost to us at home and away, again.

Today, Carragher has taken over from Gerrard’s yearly duties (which no doubt will come later in the summer regardless), and claimed they will be fighting on all fronts again next season…

“At a club like Liverpool every season is a big season and we will be going for every trophy we possibly can,” Carragher told Sky Sports News. “It is a big competition not just in the Premier League but around Europe, but I am confident we can produce something this season.”

This is their year folks, you heard it here first!