And the nominees are, Cristiano Ronaldo for an amazingly consistent pounding onto the opponents the whole month; Patrice Evra, for taking a solid stand in front of the goal and stopping those thumb sucking puppies from scoring!; Wayne Rooney, for a fantastic comeback that saw us going through to the 5th against Reading; Paul Scholes, for handling the mid field so superbly and making sure United stayed on its feet throughout the game!; Michael Carrick, for a brilliant performance throughout the month and having a wonderful impact on the United play.

And…the winner is…… [Drum Roll please] ….Paul Scholes!!!! Yayy!!! (You better be clapping right now!). A wonderful performance by the United Legend! Few mid fielders have the ability to control the midfield like the Ginger Assassin! The man has produced wonderful breathtaking goals recently and he makes them seem look so easy! But, more importantly he has controlled the pace of the game for United and has constantly been the guiding force behind ruthless attacks on the goals. Lets us forget that he is only 32 and lets us also forget that he is from the era of ’99, and even then we cannot tone down his speed, agility and sharp mind on the field. And who can rule out the intelligence in his play? Through out the month (actually even before that) the man has been bewildering the opposition. If I was to compare his importance and role in the club to anything in the world, I’d choose the abdominal-muscles (read abs) of a boxer. They are the ones that are arguable the most important part of a world class boxer’s body. Not only do they stabilize the body and keep it in perfect vigor, they also provide important defense against the opponents punches. Similarly Scholesy has been providing the stability, speed and agility that the team needs in every game. And as unselfishly as always, he lets the end result be fated upon by the strikers giving them a chance to bash the defensive pansies. So, for his irreplaceable contributions, brilliant character and intelligence to match, I choose him as the Player of the Month. (Hands the trophy to Mr. Scholes and shakes his hand)

I’d also like to give a shout out to Patrice Evra for the rock solid defense he has provided us especially during an inconsistent stand we’ve witnessed from Vidic and Co. A shout out also goes to Wayne Rooney for carrying us through, and showing us the strong character in him. Like always he scored against Arsenal and made another memorable comeback. The only reason he is third in my list for the month is due to his inconsistency of late. I just hope he does not go on another dry run. I want him to give Ronaldo a run for the money and score as many goals.

So thank you for reading and if anyone wants to bash my head then I’ll be in the Discussion Room

Lets Yell and Sing and Dance,
He scores goals galore, he scores goals, He scores goals galore, he scores goals,
He scores goals galore, he scores goals,
Paul Scholes, he scores goals

Written by Raisnhell