Adnan Januzaj has spoken to the official site about everything related to training at Manchester United.

What is your favourite part of training?
Positioning [work] and the matches.

What sort of areas do you personally work on in training?
Everything for the midfielders and wingers. I’m more focused on the attacking parts.

Are you doing anything specific in the gym?
I do a lot of work in the gym. I am trying to be faster and stronger so I can be tougher when I go out on the pitch. I am doing a lot of short, sharp stuff so, when I turn a defender or go past a player, I can just get a few metres away from them with my acceleration.

Who is your unsung hero at the training ground – the staff member who regularly makes your day?
It’s everybody. All the people are nice. The first influence on me would be my dad but the rest of the staff inside the club are great to us and great for me. I’d like to say thanks to them and obviously the fans as well because I know that they support me a lot.

Which is the best goal you have ever seen in training?
I’d say one from Wazza actually. I can’t remember it exactly but I know he scored a really good goal this season.

What is the best goal you have ever scored in training?
A long shot from about 22 metres during an 11-a-side game.

What is the first thing you do after training?
I have a proper meal. I think it’s very important after training.

How do the facilities at the Aon Training Complex compare to your previous clubs and the Belgium national team?
They’re great facilities and it’s really easy to work here. The people look after us and are always very nice and professional.

Finally, if you had a five-a-side game now, who would you pick to play with?

If I don’t need a keeper, I’d pick Rooney, van Persie, Di Maria and either Falcao or Mata.