Reports in the Evening News suggest Manchester United and Liverpool fans are set to join forces to battle against the unwanted owners.

When the Glazer takeover was confirmed towards the end of the 2005 season, our fans were in mourning. We showed up at the FA Cup final wearing black, chanting against the Glazers with our banners for all to see.

We played Liverpool a few weeks in to the following season and they were ecstatic about our situation. “USA! USA!” they mocked.

When Liverpool then saw American owners come in, their reaction was somewhat different.

Here’s some of what they had to say from the BBC after the Hicks and Gillett take over.

“I’m happy with the takeover, although a bit wary, as I guess all fans probably are at first.”

“This is a much better deal than the DIC deal. Liverpool have made a wise choice. It is a shame that clubs have to sell out to investors, but the big clubs have to move with the times.”

“This is surely the news every Liverpool supporter wants to hear and it looks like finally, Liverpool FC may be starting the journey back to the top of English football.”

“I’ve just listened to George Gillett and Tom Hicks at the press conference, and I clearly believe that these are the men to take Liverpool forward!”

“I have warmed to the Americans and am confident Parry and Moores know what they’re doing, so I trust their decision.”

“Sometimes change is good and Liverpool are in dire need of success. Who cares about the business changes as long as we get a new stadium, some world class talent and a league title.”

But then the deal went bad, the debt mounted up, the stadium plans collapsed, and the Liverpool fans were not happy bunnies at all.

So what did they do when things went bad? Welcomed the next take over with open arms!

yanks out

For us to join up with their protests totally undermines what we’re about. We’ve never wanted a takeover and have set up organisations to fight our owners since day one. They’ve got that pathetic Spirit of Shankly effort (who had to rethink their name of ‘Sons and Daughters of Shankly’ when some bright spark pointed out it spelt SADOS – which I’d say is a more accurate name), who spit their dummy out over fuck all and are generally a shambles.

Whilst I agree that our fans uniting in protest would send out a massive message, given how much hatred there is between us, their mess is a situation of their own making, a situation they welcomed, and has nothing to do with the situation we’re in. We never wanted this takeover, whilst they were greeting their Americans with open arms. More fool them! They can try and sort out their own problems, and we’ll sort out ours.