News emerged last night that Wayne Rooney has asked to leave the club yet again, which was more or less confirmed by the club announcing that the player was not for sale.

However, three weeks ago, newspapers were claiming that Rooney was keen to sign a new contract with the club after rumours linked him with a move to PSG. The general feeling appeared to be that United were prepared to sell if the price was right, given that Rooney had lost his automatic place in our starting XI, but the player wanted to stay.

Ian Ladyman at The Daily Mail claimed that Rooney had “no desire” to leave Old Trafford.

Today, Ladyman is claiming not only does Rooney want to leave, but that he told the club of his intentions two weeks ago.

So, according to Ladyman, the week beginning April 15th, Rooney had no desire to leave and wanted a new contract. The week beginning April 22nd, Rooney told the club he wanted a transfer.

Whilst it’s safe to say that Rooney does want to go, given the club haven’t denied the story but have confirmed he’s not for sale, you have to wonder where the stories came from three weeks ago. Guess work at it’s finest and absolutely no accountability for printing total nonsense.