The single most frustrating phrase overused by footballers has to be “We’ll do our talking on the pitch.” Yes, I understand the reasoning behind it, with players not wanting to talk about the things they’re going to do, particularly when under fire, rather get out on the field and show people.

However, this cliche is repeated time and again, on what appears to be a weekly basis at times, taking away from the sentiment.

Today, Patrice Evra has claimed that our past two results are “just a little accident” whilst Darren Fletcher reckons we need to prove those type of performances are over with, rather than sit around talking about it.

Patrice Evra

“I have been at Manchester United for three years now and this is the first time I have lost two straight matches. I am sure it is just a little accident.”

Darren Fletcher

“It’s easy for me to say it’s only a blip, but we’ve got to go out on to the park and show it’s only a blip. I think it’s easy talking about it, it’s hard to go and do it. We’ll all be desperate to go out and show when we get back that it is only a blip. As I say, it’s easier talking than it is to go and produce results.”