chelsea hullAhead of the weekend, there are no just two points between us and the top, after Chelsea failed to beat Hull with their game in hand.

We take on bottom of the table Portsmouth at home on Saturday, where a win would see us go top of the league. The following day, Chelsea take on Arsenal, who you imagine would be looking for a big reaction following their dismal display against us at the weekend.

Hull took the lead but Didier Drogba equalled in the score in his first game back since the ACoN. He ran to the ground and performed the gayest celebration I can recall, drawing out a heart in the air them offering it up to the Chelsea fans. The travelling support sang songs for Terry all evening. Good to know they have no problem with him fucking over his Chelsea team mate!

Hull battled to the end and were good for their point, despite some strong periods of pressure from Chelsea. Let’s not forget, the blues only beat Hull at Stamford Bridge thanks to a goal Drogba scored by accident.

Earlier today, I gave a more optimistic reflection on our season so far, with the belief that we will go on to win the league this season. By this evening, it appears to be an even stronger possibility.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a long way to go, but with just two points separating us, and their visit to Old Trafford still to come, it doesn’t sound so crazy to suggest that we could win the fourth title this season.