Shinji Kagawa has reflected on the Sir Alex Ferguson “hairdryer”, although admits he never really got much of a telling off, as the manager’s anger was usually directed at the senior players.

Although I had heard about the [hairdryer] rumour before going to Manchester, I hadn’t seen any managers shouting that hard. It really was like a hairdryer, as it is called. He shouted really hard with his face really red, especially at the core players.

It was my first season, so he maybe overlooked me a little bit and I didn’t get shouted at very much. The fact that he can shout at leading players such as Rooney, Giggs, Scholes, Rio shows his presence. Those players have to take it in and cannot say anything, so the players respect him that much. His aura and his driving force are really great and I thought that’s why he had the ability to manage those players.