Shinji Kagawa is looking forward to starting the 2013-2014 season and showing people what he is really capable of.

Last season, despite showing flashes of brilliance, injuries and being played out of position meant we didn’t get to see Kagawa consistently at his best.

Next season, thanks to hard work, he hopes to end the year more satisfied than he did the last.

“It was great to win the title with United and to make it three in a row for me personally,” he told Inside United. “But I feel I still have work to do. I would say I am half satisfied and half unsatisfied. I want to be a better player year by year. I expect a lot of myself. I hope to show my dynamism, style and presence more. I think it is very important to keep working in your everyday training and in matches. You just have to keep practising. But you must also have a strong will. That is the key to playing in a foreign country, especially for me in Europe. It’s important to think positively and keep trying hard, imagining you are successful, even when things are tough. You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t, things can go wrong both on and off the pitch. And you can’t enjoy it. Being positive and believing in yourself is important, not only in football but also in improving as a person.”