Manchester United’s new signing, Shinji Kagawa, has spoken in detail about his move to the club after a deal was put in place last week.

“United are one of the biggest clubs in the world and I was given a chance to play for them,” he said. “I took a lot of things into consideration, like the fact that they’ve got a deep squad, their style of football and it wasn’t an easy decision. But I wanted the challenge. There was some talking going on with other clubs but Manchester were the first to make me a formal offer. The more I talked to them, the more I felt Manchester was the place for me to be. I met Ferguson and contacted him a few times afterwards. I thought we hit it off, which meant a lot to me. He told me, ‘Don’t worry about a thing, trust me. I would love it if you could take on this huge challenge’. And when a legendary man like him says that to you, it carries a lot of weight. I feel like I’d be able to gain so much by playing big games on a regular basis, including the Champions League. I can’t help but be excited.”