Kaka sheds light on his opinion of Manchester United, post-Ronaldo.

“I think he has already proven that Real Madrid were right to buy him for so much money and I’m glad he is on my team now and not still playing for Manchester United,” said Kaka. “I think this season we will see how important Ronaldo was to Manchester United. His departure can only weaken them.”

Which is more than what can be said for the effect of Kaka’s exit from AC Milan, with the Italian club potentially three points behind the top after playing their game in hand, compared with their third placed finish last season, ten points off the top.

To give some perspective to Kaka’s start at Real Madrid, Ryan Giggs has scored as many goals as Kaka this season, Antonio Valencia, Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen, and obviously Wayne Rooney, have all scored more. Kaka has scored just four goals in all competitions for Real Madrid this season, so it is understandable he is glad that he has a team mate who is managing to find the back of the net.


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