Marcus Rashford came under scrutiny a couple of weeks ago when it was reported that he went out to celebrate his birthday following the derby day defeat.

While you could argue it’s perfectly normal for a human being to not cancel their birthday celebration following a defeat in a game of football, social media was full of United fans who were livid with our no.10 for going out.

Roy Keane, speaking on the Stick To Football podcast, acknowledged it probably wasn’t too smart to hold the party in town, but didn’t have a problem with him celebrating his birthday.

I wouldn’t be too harsh on him. Forget that it was his birthday, if people want to go out you try to pick and choose the right place, but he’s a young lad and doesn’t look like he’s a big drinker.

I’ve had some of my best drinking sessions after a defeat – win or lose you hit the booze – so was it smart to go into the middle of Manchester after you’ve just got beaten? No. But he’s human and I guarantee that he wasn’t drinking 10-15 pints and if fans want to get upset, they’ll get upset anyways. I’ve often gone out, win or lose, you have a session. Sometimes the best time to have a session is when you’ve been beaten, but maybe not in a club in the middle of Manchester, you can still find a little sneaky pub somewhere.

Ten Hag revealed at the time time that Rashford had apologised to the manager and that as a result it was all forgotten.

I spoke with him about it. It’s unacceptable, I told him, he apologised and that’s it. For the rest it’s an internal matter.