Roy Keane has claimed that after playing for Sir Alex Ferguson and then going in to manager, he struggled to adjust his mindset from one of winning all the time to one that has to put up with defeat.

“I think when you are playing under a manager like that and winning lots of games, part of your mindset is that it is going to be easy,” said Keane. “Your mindset is about winning matches, so I think going to any job after United is that you have to expect to lose football matches. So I had to change my mindset quite a bit, even when we got promoted with Sunderland. I think we lost about 11 games, maybe 4 or 5 before I took over, so then of course when you get promoted you’re going to lose 20 odd games during the course of a league campaign. So it is changing the mindset. But as you said there are a lot of players who have played under these managers.”

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