Ahead of United’s fantastic 4-2 win over Arsenal at Highbury, Roy Keane chased Patrick Vieira down the tunnel after he tried to intimidate Gary Neville.

In Keane’s new autobiography, The Second Half, he has reflected on this moment.

As I walked to the front I heard something going on at the top of the tunnel. All I could see was a few fingers, pointing at Gary. I lost it. Five seconds earlier I’d been perfectly calm, in the zone, ready for the match. I’d thought they might have booted him out on the pitch. But in the tunnel? I just thought ‘The f******’. They were trying to bully him. They were a big team and, in the tunnel, they were even bigger. So I said to myself ‘Alright, let’s go’.

However, he also revealed his initial reaction to Neville telling him about Vieira was: “F****** deal with it. You’re not 11.”