Roy Keane has left Sunderland but it is unclear as yet whether he has been sacked or left on his own accord.

He faced criticism following poor results and wasted money, with Eamon Dunphy laying in to Keano during the week.

“He doesn’t appear to be cut out for management like a lot of great players,” said Dunphy. “He’s very intelligent, a great player but look at the likes of Bobby Charlton and Bryan Robson – great United players who didn’t make it as managers. He wants to win and he is in serious danger of getting relegated. He is rambling about all sorts of things and it’s really ridiculous. Roy Keane is beginning to believe the Roy Keane mythology. He’s pontificating on everything. He’s lost the plot. I have the highest regard for him, remarkable man, intelligent, family man but he has lost the plot, big time.”

Dunphy also suggested Keano could do with learning his trade elsewhere before taking charge of a club of Sunderland’s size, or bigger, again. Would Keane’s pride make it impossible for him to come to United and work under Sir Alex Ferguson for a couple of years? Probably. It might even be suggested that the thought of returning to Old Trafford the day after tomorrow was just too much for him. To be confronted with a club where he was so successful, where he was idolised, only to hear his new set of fans calling for his head on the back of what probably will be another defeat for Sunderland.

Following Sunderland’s 4-1 defeat at the weekend it became clear that Keane might be ready to move on.

“I ask myself every single day if I am the right man for Sunderland,” Keane said. “I asked myself this morning and I said that I was. Tomorrow morning if the answer’s no we will have to look at it. I have to be honest in my assessment. It’s not about what’s best for Roy Keane. It’s Sunderland Football Club. I might wake up on Monday morning and think I’m the right man. On Tuesday it might be different.”

Still think he’s got what it takes to be United boss?