Roy Keane has turned on Mark Hughes and Steve Bruce today, claiming they are not successful managers because they haven’t won anything. Whilst both have had disappointing spells in their career, it’s hard to argue with what Bruce has achieved with Wigan and Hughes achieved with Blackburn. They haven’t had a trophy to their name but between them they’ve had high league finishes and long runs in cup competitions, all without much to spend!

Keano is obviously feeling as though he is lacking, particularly given he spent £80m on players at Sunderland with the vast majority proving to be a load of shite. It’s very early days in his career and getting Sunderland promoted was achievement enough, given their situation when he first took over. But really, is there any need to play down the careers of his former team mates?

“Until an ex-team-mate of mine from ’94 goes on and really achieves something, then I would not agree about them being a successful manager,” said Keane. “You need a bit more than some of those managers have achieved yet. Who are the good managers you are talking about? Sparky and Brucie have not won a trophy have they? They have potential and Steve Bruce has had a good season. But Steve Bruce has been manager how many years? Sparky has done a brilliant job at Blackburn but is facing different challenges at Man City. We are all facing different challenges.”

Don’t be such a bitch eh Roy.