Roy Keane has spoken to the BBC about his thoughts on the Manchester derby ahead of Sunday.

On playing again

“When football is in your blood or you’ve played for a great club like Man United, you still have your days where you go ‘I’d give anything to go back and play in one of those games, anything.'”

On the dressing room on derby day

“It’s fabulous, absolutely brilliant. That’s what you miss. That’s what you want to go back for. It’s pretty easy for the manager. Obviously he’ll have to pick his eleven but he can leave the rest to the players. I didn’t like too much chat. Everyone thinks I was a ranter and a raver, I certainly wasn’t. The players know, there’s that feeling in the air, that this is the game. You make sure you’re not going to lose it. When I play for United, we had a good record against City.”

On the dressing room after the derby

“I never lost a derby, thank God. Every time you play a big game there’s the fear of losing, but it’s a nice fear, it’s why you make sure you don’t lose. After you win some of the big games, I was never one for celebrating too much.”

On City or Liverpool

“With the progress City have made, if I was still playing for United I’d City would probably be the game I’d want to win more. When I was a player, City weren’t always in the top league, so it was always the Arsenal game for me, but City must be the game for the players now.”

On that derby in 93/94

“It was pretty good. Particularly because we’d been two goals down. I still remember the game like it was yesterday. I’d missed a couple of good chances. I was through one on one with Tony Coton. But we had some great players, like Cantona and Giggsy, so we knew we were never out of the game. When it went to 3-2, yeh, that was pretty good.”