Manchester United made an offer to break the British transfer record in order to sign Carlos Tevez but the player rejected their offer. Whilst Tevez is certainly a good player, who makes up for some of his failings with his hard work and good attitude on the field, he is not worthy of being the most expensive player in British history. Regardless, the club were happy to pay that in the end, showing how much they wanted him, after spending a long time trying to talk Kia Joorabchian to accept a fee that was more fitting of Tevez’s ability.

Joorabchian has spoken to the press today claiming that Tevez is very disappointed and sad but his next destination with be one of United’s rivals, City or Chelsea.

“I don’t think it’s correct to say ‘his face doesn’t fit’. He was very much a part of the Manchester United team the last two years but clearly the last one year he’s been very disappointed,” said Joorabchian. “I think he’s been even more disappointed that it has to come to the fact that the loan deal finishes. If it was, let’s say, Wayne Rooney’s contract finishing six months before, or Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract finishing six months before, would they have offered a better deal to them at that time or would they have tried to secure their services a bit sooner? He has that little bit of a feeling that maybe he wasn’t the most wanted person at United. Rightly or wrongly, that’s how he feels.”

Wayne Rooney is a much better player than Tevez. Cristiano Ronaldo is a much better player than Tevez. For Tevez to expect his status in the club to be as prominent as Rooney or Ronaldo, then our problem is very clear. He rates himself as much better and much more important than he actually is.

It is also important to note that Tevez’s situation was very different to the other players at the club. Before offering him any kind of deal they needed to work out the massively inflated transfer fee. Sir Alex Ferguson had reassured Tevez that he was wanted, but that we couldn’t just throw money about, and Tevez had repeatedly claimed he was only thinking about staying at United. It could have been easy.

“I personally think United made a fantastic contribution to try to secure him with a last-ditch offer but I think it was a little bit too late and there wasn’t enough time for Carlos to think about it,” Joorabchian added. “I think Carlos is not happy, he’s a little bit sad. “He’s had two years at club and enjoyed two great years. They’ve won two Premier League titles, one Champions League title, one Carling Cup in his time and he’s quite sad. They didn’t really give him any offers for two years. Over the duration of two years there was a lot of talk about signing him but we never actually got to the point of actually receiving any offers for him. The offer of Manchester United was a very good offer. It came about 10 days ago. It was the loan price of £9million plus the final option price of £25.5million. They made him a good contract but Carlos needed time. I want to make it very, very clear: we never ever at any time asked them for more money, or any kind of money – never at any point during the last two years. Even after they made their offer we never asked for more money. We never spoke about that. I think Carlos just felt over the last two years they hadn’t made the effort to sign him and he needed a little bit of time. I think they were under a time restraint with all the situation that was going on and we couldn’t get there in time.”

If ten days isn’t enough time for a player to decide they would rather play for United over City, then it is clear that their future cannot be at Old Trafford. So if not Old Trafford, where? The council house? Stamford Bridge?

“He has a lot of respect and a lot of love for the fans of Man United and I think he would rule Liverpool out as being the biggest competitor,” Kia said. “City and Chelsea probably would be the two clubs that are on the table.”

So he has enough love and respect for us not to join Liverpool, but title rivals and local rivals are fine. Get it. How fucking disappointing that the story of a player we adored could end up like this.

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