After Sir Alex Ferguson boycotted a press conference following several newspapers’ decision to claim our manager had called Fernando Torres a ‘cheat’, Federico Macheda is the latest victim of the tabloids trying to stir up trouble.

Several papers went with a headline claiming that Kiko had called Wayne Rooney ‘vulgar’.

“Rooney is a really great person, he always gives me advice, but he’s a bit working class and vulgar,” they quoted him as saying.

Of course, the interview was in his native Italian, with our striker on duty with Italy’s U-21 team, and he used the word ‘coatto’.

It has since been revealed the word is closer to meaning something like ‘chav’ or ‘skally’, which one would struggle to argue against describing Wazza pretty well.

Macheda has today confirmed he meant no disrespect to Rooney.

“I said ‘coatto’ in the Roman way, but with the minimum intention to offend Rooney,” said Macheda. “I like him and I have maximum respect for him. What I wanted to say is that for me he is a free spirit and genuine. I sent a message to Rio Ferdinand to clarify everything with Wayne and Rio told me not to worry, everything is fine.”