Vincent Kompany has claimed today that he is glad he turned down a move to United, Chelsea or other ‘big clubs’, as he calls them, when he was younger. Why? Because it means he gets to play for Manchester City and get to the top with them.

We won’t let the fact that City have done worse this year than last spoil the party. They’ve got Robinho, they’ve got a United legend as the manager and they’ve got tea-towels on their head.

Kompany reckons it was the right decision to turn down United because if he had joined us he might have got an injury and missed two years of his career. Sorry, what?

“The funny thing is I didn’t sign for United or one of the other big clubs because I was still studying and my mother wanted me to finish school,” said Kompany. “So I respected her advice and did that first. I’m happy with the decisions I have made and there are no regrets. It was later that I started to look for different options. I could have signed for United or a lot of other clubs. If I’d been in a bigger club and got injured like I was at a young age I might have just been forgotten about. I could easily have been cast aside. If I’d gone to United or Chelsea straight away I’d have been on the bench first, as would be the case with every young player. And then going from the bench to being injured for two years is not really an ideal situation. I would still have been at square one. But now, if you look at the progress I have made, then it is perfect because I know I can get to the top with City.”