MUST have called for the Glazers to lower ticket prices at Old Trafford next season to reflect the lack of investment that has gone in to transfer sales.

“We are throwing down a challenge to Joel Glazer to cut United fans` season ticket prices next season,” said MUST chief exec, Duncan Drasdo. “Given the lack of squad investment while huge revenues are coming in and the Glazers’ constantly dipping into the club’s bank account, it is long overdue that the loyal supporters received a cut in their ticket prices. The Glazers have been responsible for more than £500million flowing out of Manchester United in fees, charges and other payments relating to their hostile takeover of our club. Meanwhile the club has actually spent less in net transfer fees than not only our main rivals in Europe and the Premier League (City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs) but also had a lower net spend since 2006 than Villa, Sunderland and Stoke. It’s worse than that though, in the last three years United’s net transfer spend has been less than Hull, Blackpool and Burnley. Only the incredible efforts of Sir Alex Ferguson have allowed us to remain competitive in the Premier League – at times it feels like he is dragging the team towards a 20th League title by sheer willpower alone. However even Sir Alex’s magical touch couldn’t bridge that gap in Europe and despite his incredible feats it comes as a huge slap in the face for fans that for all the immense revenues flowing into the club there have been huge ticket price hikes for loyal fans since the Glazers’ 2005 takeover.”